Macarena Bilbao was a  Canary computer expert who decided to turn her life into something she really loved. After the success of the wooden kitchen she had made for her kids, she decided to devote all her time to produce these lovely and exclusive toys for kids from all over the world. These unique pieces are not only designed to play and imagine but also amazing decorative pieces .

What Can You Find?

These charming pieces will provide a personal touch to every single corner at home. Kitchens, desks, shelves, cameras, doll houses…everything you can imagine can be made by this creative artisan. Apart from the extra value of being handmade, we must mention the great taste present in every single design. Colours, shapes, materials…everything is carefully selected to get the best results.

She needs 7 days to produce  the order, apart from the time required for shipping. Handmade toys require time, love and thrill and we can grant all these ingredients have been added to every toy.


As we have said, the range of products include lots of different elements but her star products are the wooden kitchens. They were the origin of this cute brand so they are even more special.


Every piece is made of wood with the FSC seal, so it comes from sustainable forests so, apart from being really nice they are eco-friendly. Great!