We have had a creative week this week at Petit and Small HQ!  We had to share the  wonderful book that we were gifted, that inspired our creativity and entertained the kids for hours!. The book, ‘Made by hand at home’ has been written by Lucy Monkman during the covid pandemic. Whilst shopping for crafty supplies was difficult at that time, the book celebrates the creative potential of everyday life. Recycling everyday household objects into fantastically creative projects. Many of the ideas are beautifully simple and perfect for undertaking with the kids. I say ‘with’ the kids because it’s not often as grown ups we can put our creativity into action. As you flick through the book there are so many ideas to catch the eye. wWe are working our way through a very long list of our favourites!! Of course adding our own imaginative and unique touches as we go

Based on the idea of recycling you do not need a long shopping list. Just grab some toilet roll tubes, empty drinks cups  corks and bottle tops, paper and glue and you are ready to go!!
Every house has so many potential materials for creativity. From packaging to take away cups, all of  have so many practical and play possibilities.

The book is available from www.lucymonkman.com
Made by hand at home was gifted very kindly by Lucy Monkman. We only collaborate with others who share our values and who’s products we would love our kids to use.