Every time we see these friendly wall stickers on the home’s doors we just smile! They are really simple pieces, but they provide lots of fun to every room. We know there are just decorative elements, but children will love them! They will be really happy with the cool animal-door that receives them every day!

Kids’ wall stickers by Made of Sunday are designed and made in Helsinki —where the headquarters are located— by a team of Spanish and Finnish. They only use quality materials, very respectful with the environment. Their polyester stickers are biodegradable and are exported from UK. This is a creative company, plenty of illusions and really aware.


But there are more options that putting these smiling faces on the doors. They can be placed on every smooth surface. Their website offers some ideas: placing them on windows, wardrobes, electrical appliances and, of course, on the walls. There is an infinite list of ideas. They will provide a cosy touch to every home’s corner!

The funniest thing is that a part of the sticker is on the door while the others can be placed on the walls like the ears or the tail. Provided that they are divided, you can adapt them to your available space so they are more versatile and you can remove them without damaging the wall or the paint. Can they be more functional?


Don’t worry about the colour. They offer a huge choice of tones, from green to blue or pink. You will always find this contrast to your kids’ decoration! Now, you just have to choose between the dog, the happy bunny or this lovely panda…All of them are so nice!

With an easy placing you get a customized wardrobe, door…whatever you imagine! They will go crazy when they find their new roommate! They will love them in every part of the home! This is a great thing to create your home’s personality in a cheaper way!



+info: Made of Sunday