Taking wonderful pictures of her kids. This is the mission of mums like Elena Shumilova whose photos become really famous on the Internet (we’ve written about her work here). Magical images of her children’s life on the farm where they life with their animals in an amazing environment.


Pictures of kids and babies which are plenty of magic

If those photos became so famous it was because they remind us our childhood, games and special moments and also because this kind of life is only enjoyed by a few kids who don’t live in busy cities and can discover that natural world plenty of mysteries and wonderful places.



This time we will tell you that Elena is still taking amazing photos of her kids and her new baby who is becoming another protagonist in the pictures. Everything makes photography crucial for her and you will find lots of inspiration to take your own kids and babies pictures.



Maybe you have wondered many times  how to get natural and nice pictures of your children to catch those special moments which will finish soon. If it’s your case you must read Elena’s post with some tips to do it. Patience is the key. Parents from all over the world have developed this skill…



Learn how to take beautiful pictures of kids and babies

She has even made a short film to explain her passion and the secret of her success. The essence of that result is a mother who wants to bring up the best of her kids. Magical moments that everybody can perceive, even if you don’t like photography. Every mum has an artist inside her, bring it up with some lovely photos of your kids…Do you like the idea?

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