Main Sauvage is a young French brand of soft toys and posters for kids, inspired by odd and unexpected things of everyday life. Their products have a poetic yet powerful graphism.

Cécile and Julien, the founders, suggest us a tender, ironic universe where live sweet, fun and atypical, creatures. It is no wonder main sauvage is an old French expression that people used to nominate the left hand, and also, in diverse cultures, it is the rebel, nonconformist side.

They say «Sauvage on one hand, Strictly fair on the other». Their creations are the result of a well-reasoned and eco-friendly production, that contribute to the development of small manufacturers. Their soft toys are suitable for each user whatever his age. They are screen printed on 100% OEKO-TEX cotton fabric certified with eco-friendly inks.

Let’s meet some of these adorable creatures!

main-sauvage-soft-toys3 main-sauvage-soft-toys2

You will recognise Humus for its long ears and big eyes (it has a great design for little hands to hold). You can find it in three colours: salmon, mint and blue.



Latérite is a stylish wolf with long arms and legs, and some fun clothes.This monochromatic soft toy will like both parents and kids.

main-sauvage-soft-toy-print main-sauvage-printsMain Sauvage also offers beautiful posters with narrative style and lots of details. They are a mix of imagination and a nod to everyday life (and they are perfect for any room of your house).


Design, ludic spirit and ethical and eco-conscientious production. A brave proposal, isn’t it?

Go to Main Sauvage website and enjoy!