Mainio is an authentic brand that creates with its heart. Instinct is its inspiration as well as interesting elements of daily life and street style. The can make crazy colours combination to get special and unusual results. Mainio creates comfortable timeless clothes that will fill your kids’ wardrobe with creativity and imagination. Character is an extra value for this brand which is looking for the unique essence of every little one.

What Can You Find?

Among their collections, suitable for babies and kids until 12, you will find daring, cool quality designs which will dress your children with a unique style. Mainio offers colourful clothes which show great taste and carefully created aesthetics. Their funny garments are not also beautiful but comfortable and long-lasting and you can combine easily because everything is allowed here. Their clothes must show their playful personality and this is exactly what Mainio does.


As we have mentioned, colour and aesthetics are their strength point. They allow a free combination of clothes so kids will be able to express themselves by fashion. Every garment can become a toy!

Furthermore their products are created in a factory with the SA8000 certification, a social accountability standard.


Mainio donates 2% of sales to the welfare of the community of their Indian factory. This is something important when you are choosing a brand, don´t you think?