Finding new talents is something good and we know that this can happen with the youngest children while they are playing and having fun. If your kids have shown they are interested in building, here you are some funny designer furniture to be included in their dolls’ house.

This children’s furniture is included in Mali Modernists, that looks for a minimalist spirit in every toy. That’s a simple furniture with four pieces that can be assembled by themselves. On this way, they will feel like the creators of their own house. We know they love doing things, in addition, that’s good for their skills and their intelligence.


Every piece is made with eco-friendly materials such as plywood or felt. The pieces are simply assembled, so we won’t need glue and will avoid any kind of problem with toxic substances. However, we need to know that pieces are 20 cm high and some of them are really small so youngest children shouldn’t play with them.

If they need a living room for their house here you are some pieces of furniture with a timeless design. You can even paint them to customize the set. It’s formed by two armchairs, a table, a bookshelf and a rug. There are different collections in red, aquamarine and grey tones.


Every kit has its own instructions but you can let them experimenting, it’s funnier. When they assemble them, they will have something to decorate their house and having fun. It’s a wonderful idea for both those kids who love building or playing with dolls. What do you think?