Map feature wall

Kids are genuinely interested in the world around them. What better way to teach them about the world and encourage a sense of adventure, than by including maps within their rooms. Maps also provide inspiration for story telling time and a encourage imaginative play.

Whether you choose a small map, a giant map  a table top globe or interactive map. There are lots of different ways to include maps within a child’s space to suit your taste or budget.

Maps make a great feature wall.

A large map or map wallpaper creates a really interesting focal point in the room. You can now find these in a whole variety of colours to suit the scheme you have in mind. They look great in babies rooms right through to teenage rooms.

Bright map feature wall

Here you can see a brightly coloured feature wall and a more subtle nursery wall. Both very different but equally as beautiful.
Muted map wallpaper

Smaller maps and murals.

If an entire wall of maps is too much, you can opt for a print or smaller map mural.  Placing these at the child’s eye level ensures that they are visible to inspire adventures and create discussion.

Simple canvas map printI love the simplicity of these maps and the inclusion of the animals on the map below adds some additional detail which younger children will love.Rose in April map 2

World map accessories.

There are many accessories that can be added to children’s rooms that show them the world, rather than adding maps to the walls.

World globes can bring endless fascination to a child, even if it’s just by spinning them and learning how the world goes round!

World globe selection

A world rug provides lovely detail to a room and is a great place to start imaginative adventures from.

World map rug oyoy

Globe mobiles add an explorers touch to a nursery.

Finally we have an interactive map such as the one below which encourages children to be actively involved in learning about the different countries and animals found across the world..

Interactive map

I think you have to agree that there are some lovely ways to educate children and inspire them about the world around them.



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