Marcel et Capucine is a new clothing brand for babies and kids that combines quality, simplicity and soft clothes to get “that” special touch that antique handmade clothes showed. The concept “Slow fashion” is a key to understanding the company’s philosophy: every single garment is carefully made with lots of love and thrill, every product is exclusive and you can only find a few pieces available.


Leyre Baranda, the brand’s founder, has included all her childhood memories in every single design, just to transmit that cosy feeling when her mum made her dresses. There’s no doubt that handmade clothes include a magic charm and this is something really important for those parents who look something special for their little ones. Handmade clothes are even more attractive when they are combined with French elegance, don’t you think?


Leyre is also a mum who knows how difficult is choosing the best for her kids, so she takes care of every detail involved in the process. As we have mentioned above, “mum’s love” is present in all the garments (literally) and this is always a guarantee.


If you take a look at the brand’s collection…Wow! It’s like coming home! We remember all the smells, the sounds and the dreams we had during childhood! This is not only fashion but a great way to build beautiful childhood memories for your children, memories covered with the most elegant and traditional French style, of course!


Are you looking for something special, exclusive, suitable for every event? Voilà! Here you are the perfect brand!

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