No restero qui seduto ad asqpettare

Today I want to present a unique project, a crossroads where childhood, interior design, image, language and the modern arts meet.

The Mark on the Wall a new Paris-based publishing company that sells original and high-quality products for children. They have started producing wallpapers and borders essentially for children and teenager’s rooms, but not only that. You will discover borders for colouring, wallpapers inspired by folktales, wallpaper borders with which to create your own wall decor and more.

Let’s have a look at their collections:




iDraw! is an interactive collection of large borders for young children from 3 to 7. Wallpaper borders, created by Laurent Cilluffo, Jochen Gerner, José Parrondo and Anouk Ricard, are filled with drawings in black and white that your children can colour in. Bedroom walls will become an open canvas for your kids!



iGrow! is a collection of wallpapers and decorative borders for children from 6 to 12, based on widely-known literary works which appeal to the child’s imagination. An illustrator chooses a piece of literature from his or her country, and captures the story in pictures. In this case, Eva Montanari portrays a vibrant and sensitive Pinocchio (what a beautiful and delicate work!). I’m looking forward to seeing the others stories soon.



iShow! is a transversal collection for both children and grown-ups. Some artists, but not interior decoration professionals, have been asked to contribute to this project. They bring a playful and free view to their designs, fed by their experiences of childhood.  They have started with a collaboration with Jean-Paul Goude, who has designed two wallpapers and two borders.




iGo! is a collection for teenagers and young adults in a DIY spirit.  Les petites combines, designed by Baptiste Vandaele, is a set of seven wallpaper borders, with seven different ornamental geometric patterns. They have the peculiarity of being able to interact with each others to form original artworks. It’s a modern, bold way to decorate your wall. Choose the colour and the pattern and be creative!

 They are developing new products and preparing new collaborations. Follow them closely, I’m sure they will be impressive!

+info: The Mark on the Wall