Spring collections for kids are coming. Today we bring you Massimo Dutti’s Boys and Girls collection. This brand mixes elegance and classic pieces with some trendy touches. They are perfect garments to get their basic wardrobe.

As it uses to happen to spring collections, we have a general feeling of lighter materials with lighter tones. But this brand keeps its style with timeless garments and lots of basic pieces. They bring back denim jackets (always in) or cool shorts.



We can find discreet prints with stripes or leaves with are mixed with the garment’s colours. We know that Massimo Dutti loves the chic and simple style avoiding excess. These garments are always a good option because they are easy to combine.



We really love Massimo Dutti’s clothes for girls like that red jumpsuit, one of the few flashy pieces, in a bright colour. These can be combined with neutral elements like a denim jacket. Simple dresses with pockets are also really cute as they mix comfort and elegance.


There are also sport and informal clothes for boys which look very chic and can be used at every moment. Bermudas are combined with T-shirts in bright colours. You can also enjoy the classic pieces like checkered shirts or blazers in earth tones.

This kids’ fashion collection is suitable to every kind of tastes and styles because there is also a basic piece of clothes to create our actual look…shorts, stripped t-shirt or a denim jacket. Massimo Dutti always works with quality fabrics which could be used by them and their younger brothers and sisters for a long time.

Enjoy while you create their basic wardrobe with these spring garments. Which is your favourite look?


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