Here are Olaf, Hipu, Riin and Grosso, the Mastodont family. They are made of beech wood and magnets and come in 22 separate pieces. They are moving wooden playthings, simple toys with multiple combinations.

In order to bring  the mastodonts to life, you’ll have to put them together with the help of their magnets, until they are at last standing before you. Then, thanks to your imagination, you’ll be able to have endless adventures with them.



These peculiar mastodonts have a body and four heads, so you can combine them whatever way you like, whenever you like.



Mastodonts by Wodibow is made of 100% natural products that don’t contain anything strange that could pollute or damage the planet, people, or animals.  They don’t have paint, varnish or glue.

So, shall we play with the mastodons? These fit in our hands!

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