Meredithe created her first card in 1985 with scissors, pens and some glitter. They are Meri Meri’s origins. Magic woke up at that moment, everything started and in 1987 they presented they handmade cards to the National Stationery Show of NY. It was a complete success.

The company started as a little network of mums who worked creating  Meredithe’s designs from home. Nowadays, they own great studios in 400 years old buildings but they still work with their own hands, scissors and glitter.

What Can You Find?

Those handmade cards are their star product but their range of products has gorwn as fast as the company did so we can also find baking products, party collections, gift packaging, Jewelry and accessories, stationery or surprising things like the alphabet bunting for parties.

Furthermore you can find stuff for special events like New Year or Thanksgiving. All of them are so cute that you will have something to celebrate every single day of the year! Everything is bright, colourful and funny!

You can see all the work and thrill behind of every single product and we love it!


Great taste and lots of talent are the common link of every piece included in their selection. Everything looks fantastic!


Meri Meri is Meredithe’s childhood nickname and it has turned into a symbol of quality party’s supplies.