There are successful collaborations that highlight the best of each member. This is one of them. Michelle Marshall has exquisitely photographed the new Chapter 2 SS15 collection. She has captured the strength and beauty of this handmade kids’ shoes.

The faces from Michelle Marshall’s pictures always tell us something. Often they look directly at the camera, but always challenge us to find out what they feel, how are their lives. In this campaign, we can see strong, playful and imaginative children. What else do you see?

Chapter 2 makes a unisex range of premium yet playful shoes and accessories for kids age 4-10. They source the best Italian leathers and components for their products and believe that quality, originality, and craftsmanship create beautiful investment pieces.


Inspired by a Martin Creed exhibition, the new Chapter 2 SS15 features painted brushstrokes on natural leather to imitate the paint on canvas look of the show.


They also take inspiration from the stylish vintage sports shoes for creating the new Monkey boots.


Vivid colours (esmerald, gold, blue, platinum…) are presents in the new Chapter 2 collection. They are perfect for the summer!

ice-cream-still-life-michelle-marshall- photography

There’s even more. Michelle Marshall also has made a really creative still life photo story using some of the new Chapter 2 Spring Summer styles and giant ice creams by Mr. Printables. This time colours, patterns, volumes and shapes have a special protagonist in the photos.

ice-cream-still-life-michelle-marshall- photography5

How many ways is it possible to photograph a collection? How many visual stories can be created? I like seeing these two different proposals and concepts.

Take a look at Michelle Marshall and Chapter 2 kids‘ websites and enjoy!