Our friend , Rebeca Terrón, has shown us her latest project “The Microworlds”. As soon as I saw them I thought, “What a beautiful thing!” When Rebeca appears again with new projects they are always plenty of strengths!

This time she has gone beyond that! Microworlds are handmade representations of a different situation without beginning and end…they simply happen. We think this will mean a new adventure in her life.



They are a charming Christmas decoration…they are so touching…There are 5 available formats. Each one reminds one feeling. Which one is your favourite?

1 Glass bell, snow, forest and characters…it represents mystery, adventure, Christmas…

2 In a white metal cube, a spring forest and a character with a serene gaze…That’s reflection.

3 On a piece of wood with a teepee, a campfire and marshmallows. It represents holidays, weekend, freedom and excitement.

4 Wooden house. It reminds Christmas, home and thrill.

5 Microworls. Little bottling stories which bring us magic, like Aladdin but without lamp.


What about the photos? They are amazing! They have been taken by Rebeca’s friends. They are wonderful artists! As Ara says on her blog:

“It has been a shared task: Rebeca provided the atrezzo, I take the photos and Conchi García from Cosas que pasan en Helsinki edited them. It was a pleasure, girls.”



These houses can’t be more gorgeous. Who wants one to decorate this Christmas?

+info: Terrón de Azúcar