This Spanish graphic studio tries to communicate by using graphic elements in a narrative style. Visual world is their specilality and they can transmit everything with their  original creations, they are little artworks. Although they create every kind of graphic materials such as posters, covers or advertising, we are focusing on their kids’ toys.

What Can You Find?

Lots of visual toys which will make children live in a fantastic world plenty of creativity and imagination where they can imagine their own happy endings and develop their creative skills. Optical illusions, colours, carton figures…everything is specially designed to spread creativity around their environment. We are totally in love with the figures and the masks of Little Red Ridding Hood! They are so lovely…It´s like coming back to childhood. Traditional games can also be very cool if they are presented in such an attractive way. Kids will spend a lot of times imagining lots of versions for that classic fairy tale!


As we have mentioned, creativity is their strenght point. The main purpose of this brand is force their minds to work instead playing once and again with the same videogames. This initiative must be considered because a simple game can be really stimulating for them!


You can get their novelties on Etsy. It will be love at the first sight!