Dolls and doll’s houses are traditional toys which are never out. If, in addition, you find shops which make these toys with natural materials like wood, it can be even better. This is the case of Milky Wood, a shop specialised in wooden toys. Their products are surprising, both because of their easy assembly and the final result.


When I was a girl, I used to dream about having a doll’s house. I don’t think that kids have changed as much since then so I guess that many of them still want one. I have found those doll’s houses at @milky_wood .  They are really special and made of wood, so they are even more amazing.


Milky Wood offers a doll’s house, yes. But they also have everything to decorate it. Get a bed, a toilet or a cute and Romantic kitchen or even a classroom to transform your little ones into teachers for all their colleagues.


If this is not enough, we must underline that Milky Wood’s houses are handmade and they are really easy to assemble. They are so easy that you won´t need any screws. Furthermore, you can disassemble it whenever you want and take it wherever you go. There are only advantages.


I have fallen in love with this cute little school!

Dolls Sleep too


Maybe your kids prefer one of those dolls which look like real babies, do you remember them? Milky Wood offers them the perfect option for their naps as this online shop has also a dolls’ bed, also made of wood.


As the doll’s house, this bed is also handmade. In addition, it’s also a set of flat pieces, ready to be assembled. Obviously, you can also take it with you everywhere in less than a minute.

More Beautiful products at Milky Wood


Although is clear that these products are amazing, there are also other cute things at Milky Wood. All of them share that special touch of wood. So you can choose a nice bunny-shaped brooch with a funny pompom tail. Your kids will look really cool!


Is there a new member in the family? The Milky Wood’s mobile can be the perfect present as you can add the baby’s name or some sweet words for the newborn.


But if you really love Christmas…surprise! They offer a special pack with Christmas decoration with lots of wooden figures such as stars, pinecones, doves, etc.

More info and cute toys at Milky Wood