Looking for some innovative toys which promote open-ended play? Today we show you some artistry, creative wooden toys that you and your kids will love and provide you lots of hours of entertainment. They are designed by Zoe Miller and David Goodman, the founders of Miller Goodman, a studio is based in Brighton.

I am sure most of you know their products, like their fabulous Shapemakers, Playshapes, Facemaker or Heart Shapes. Their designs stand out for their originality and quality. They produce simple shapes, abstract forms, and patterns that encourage and engage children to play again and again. Their toys no need for instructions and provide limitless fun.

Furthermore, all their products are high quality and manufactured in an environmentally conscious way.

Miller Goodman recently launched two new products: Playfolks and BlockHaus. Let’s have a closer look!

The New Miller Goodman’s Toys: Playfolk

With Playfolks, you can create unusual characters with 75 multi-faced, rubberwood shapes. These beautiful hand printed blocks with bold colours and simple patterns can be endlessly transformed.

You can imagine so many combinations of patterns and designs, invent endless figures in multiple positions. 

The New Miller Goodman’s Toys: BlockHaus

BlockHaus is any house you can build. It can be a mansion, palace or playhouse. It can be your city, tower block or dreamscape. Inspired by the Bauhaus, this handcrafted set consists of 40 modular rubberwood blocks and also contains a tangram.

Build castles in the sky with infinite forms of endless delight. BlockHaus is ready to make lots of incredible compositions. Let’s your imagination fly!

You can get the BlockHaus set here.

+ info: Miller Goodman


Get them here!

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