“Don’t try to make me grow up before my time…” (Louisa May Alcott, Little Women; 1868)
This is the sentence which opens the brand’s introduction in their last catalogue. It’s a perfect description of Milou & Pilou’s spirit. Innocence, nostalgia and old romantic stories, created with their characteristic Liberty dresses, are showed in every single design of this special brand for dreamer girls.

They mention that lovely story, Little Women, as their inspiration source, do you remember it? Four girls and their mother living in that charming antique house, wearing those amazing dresses…Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy’s personalities are present in this collection to bring kids back to that romantic and silent world, far away from stress and kids who become adults too soon.


In spite of being inspired by that romantic season, their clothes are really cool and we can appreciate this chic touch of country that we really love. It reminds us that joy, that happiness that wrapped everything when you were a kid running free across the countryside during those magic autumn afternoons… Everything seemed so special: colours, smells, feelings…


These clothes will preserve all this thing for your girls because this exactly Milou & Pilou purpose. They want to create a special universe where girls are just girls, where they can feel comfortable with their charming clothes which help them to dream about fantasy, games and magic.


Elegance is another key element that must be underlined. The designs are so beautiful that we can only describe them with that word: ELEGANCE (yes, we are using capital letters). The old glamour is rescued to dress our little ones’ childhood.


They use the highest quality materials so they grant kids’ safety, a really important issue. Furthermore, this collection prolongs their childhood because this is something magic for them, maybe the greatest part of their lives. Use fashion to keep them dreaming!

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