In 2005 Miriam Derville created her own brand thanks to the inspiration found in her own kids. Everything started when she painted some stuffed animals on the walls of their room. The result was amazing and adults wanted to have them too so she decided to draw them on different creations. This is the origin of Mimi’lou, a brand which is trying once and again to fill the world with children’s magic designs to wrap routines with colour and joy.

What Can You Find?

The range of products is huge: Stationery ,calendars, stickers, garlands, tattoos, birth gifts, decoration stuff like bed linens, baskets, cushions, light, wall decals…all of them share a funny design plenty of colour and imagination, they are simply lovely!!!


Design, thrill and lots of love which are showed in all Mimi’lou’s pieces. They know how to create that magic universe where both kids and adults feel comfortable to live together in a happier world plenty of kids’ fantasy. They add that cool touch to every corner of your home, those little details which are able to create special spaces.


Miriam, its founder, has previously worked as an artistic director of advertising for important brands like Givenchy, Lacoste, Hugo boss or Guerlain, now, all her talent is available for your little one!