A great online shop form Montreal where style and variety are mixed to offer the great range of products for kids from 0 to 6 years old. Every single product is carefully selected with lots of love and care. The best brands, the coolest products, the easiest way to find all you have ever dreamed for your little one.

What Can You Find? 

Absolutely everything a kid may need: clothes, decoration, toys , baby care products…only the most beautiful products and , of course, the highest quality items. Different brands are available on this site: Behind the Trees, Five Eleven, Mini Labo, Organic Zoo, Petit & Bold or Wee Gallery. All of them know how important design is for parents, this is why all their products share wonderful aesthetics while fulfiling your children’s needs.


We could mention several strenght points but Mini Grenadine’s best features is that they know what to offer, they know what do you need and they simply collect it from over the world and offer it in a wonderful product selection, especially created for you.


They offer worldwide shipping so you can purchase their products worldwide. In addition, they have a great blog, don’t miss it!