Have you had a glimpse of the new Mini Rodini ‘Home Collection’ yet?  Mini Rodini has just released it and it’s available right now exclusively in its own shops and on

Mini Rodini is a quirky kids’ line, known for its vibrant and fun prints. In its home collection, they also use its famous animal and circus motifs. You’ll find beddings for you and your little ones, all made in 100% organic cotton and certified by GOTS.

Here’s our wishlist:


Pelican bed set


Weightlifter Bed Set

mini-rodini-aniversary -poster

Panda Anniversary Poster


Panda Baby Blanket

By using organic beddings you are able to sleep in a healthier and safer way. Which is great since we are spending so much time in our beds.

But hurry up, the collection is limited. Due to that, they’ve a limitation of 4 pcs per print and size.

+ info: Mini Rodini