Mini Rodini is a tribute to all children, their imagination and sense of everything being possible.

This Swedish brand was founded by the fashion illustrator Cassandra Rhodin in 2005. Mini Rodini creates clothes that parents want to dress their kids in, and that kids love to wear. 

Now we can see the first pictures of their new SS16 collection. You will find unicorns, clouds, clovers, hearts and stripes and some funny characters (t-rex, mouse, Tivoli toy cat…). As always, quirky designs, bold prints, and playful details. Enjoy!

mini-rodini-ss16-collection mini-rodini-ss16-collection7

This collection is a dream, but unlike most dreams this lasts longer. Unicorns exist and you will find love at the end of the rainbow. A collection for all who didn’t win the 1st price toy in the lottery, who didn’t find a lucky clover in the lawn and for those who hope to make a wish on a shooting star.

99% of the Mini Rodini collection is made out of sustainable materials, which means they are either organic or recycled. All in the spirit of trying to make better clothes, both for the planet and for the ones living here.


Now you can find unicorns in environmentally friendly micro modal, organic mice and GOTS-certified stripes. Mini Rodini classic PICO-jacket with BIONIC FINISH ECO impregnation is back in blue, pink and orange. A new batch of organic GOTS-certified denim is also back in stock.

We especially like the striped garments and the mouse print (don’t miss their fun mouse backpacks).

mini-rodini-ss16-collection4 mini-rodini-ss16-collection3 mini-rodini-ss16-collection5


The first items from the new Mini Rodini collection will land in stores February 4th.

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