This Swedish kids’ clothing brand was created by the illustrator Cassandra Rhodin to develop clothes that can wake up kids’ imagination and creativity while children are developing their own personality. The company’s philosophy is closely related to that children’s magic that makes everything possible. Wearing their clothes mean dreaming awake.

But reality must be considered too, so their offer a great quality and a eco-friendly production to those parents who just want the best for their little ones and are also worried about environment. Furthermore, Mini Rodini’s designs speak “kids’ language” so they are going to love these funny creations.

This special sense to deal with kids’ spirit has become the bran in a reference company in children’s fashion

What can you find?

They offer a huge range of products for both kids and home. Organic baby clothes collection include bibs, overalls, beanies bodies, T,-shirts…we can also find every kind of garments for kids, from trousers and dresses to swimwear or jumpsuits. All these designs are plenty of colour, fun and joy together with thrill and great taste. All of them are so cool…! And what about those wonderful bedding sets? They are simply inspiring! We are sure they are going to have nice dream wrapped by these nice designs!


Their main feature is that inspiring creativity which is present in every product. There is no doubt that thrill, love and “know how” are their strong point.


If you take a look to their site you will discover the amazing origins of this great brand:Cassandra Rhodin is a recognized Swedish illustrator. She grew up in an artist family, surrounded by painters, actors and filmmakers…” Check it out to know more!