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&New is a contemporary furniture brand created by a British-Finnish design duo Jo Wilton and Mirka Grohn. They design minimal and airy furniture, made in steel.

Their furniture pieces are elegant and functional, have a beautiful colour range and playful elements. Steel has the strength, purity and delicacy that they look for to produce pieces that are strong as well as beautiful.

&New Furniture – Small ‘A’ Rail


Today we introduce you to their first product in the forthcoming children’s’ collection — a small ‘A’ rail. Mirka and Jo love babies and children spaces where adults enjoy spending time, too. Furniture that is perfectly proportioned for children but doesn’t look out of place without a child in sight. And the small ‘A’ rail fits these criteria.


childrens-furniture-smallA rail-andnew

It doesn’t ‘shout kids’ and works perfectly both as a clothes rail for children and a shirt rail for men. In fact the full size ‘A’ rail and the small ‘A’ rail also look great together creating a fun his and her’s wardrobe for a couple —short rail for shirts and a tall rail for dresses. This is a long-lasting furniture piece which will accompany you for many years and all family members can use it.

clothes-rack-small-A rail-and-new2
&New uses powder-coated steel with different woods to produce a variety of furniture. Their designs are eye-catching with geometric shapes and interesting colours, a great combination of clean lines and a playful twist.


Each piece is unique and made in small batches in Britain. Definitely, &New is a design brand worth keeping an eye on!

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