Did you love playing the hopscotch game when you were little? Now you can play it indoors and pass down the tradition to your own kids with a minimalist, fun rug designed by KAOS.

Our friends from KAOS are launching a new concept these days, «KAOS-On-The-Spot». That is: whenever KAOS send a new product off to production, they release an exclusive, limited On-The-Spot-sale, and for 7 days everyone that has Joined the KAOS can purchase the upcoming product at up to 50% discount!


Now KAOS is about to start production of a minimalist hopscotch rug, the KAOS Paradishopp. This cool rug made of soft 100% cotton encourages kids to play while helping them to develop their balance and coordination. Furthermore, this rug blends perfectly into a modern Scandinavian home. Monochrome lovers, this is your rug!


As always, KAOS stands out by its functional products and clean design. If you’re shopping for school supplies, check out their modern backpacks. KAOS Mini-Ransel is developed for kids 1-6 years and has all the features a kids backpack should have. It’s comfy for the little ones, the bag doesn’t fall off his/ her little shoulders!, and practical for the parents. It’s made of waxed cotton canvas to make it durable in all sorts of weather. You can choose between marsala, black, blue, and khaki.


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