A room with just … a table, desk, wall altar.
And a cradle, offering a sheltered place, within
your aura, in which to lay the baby after carrying.


A few days ago, I wrote about simple nurseries. In this spirit, today I bring you a beautiful, timeless cradle with a minimalistic design. Ground by Pruun draws attention to the unique needs of a newborn child. Calm, serenity and simplicity.

This baby cradle is made of elm wood from The Netherlands and is handmade with craftsmanship in Oss. The essence of the elm is movement, a rhythmic and calm movement, suspended as gesture.


The elm wood is untreated, leaving the original colour visible and the wood surface pure and tangible. One can choose to rub the wood with oil, with respect for the transition to the personal environment.


More and more, I’m loving furniture made from natural woods and fibers. Wood cradles are attractive, sturdy and durable, but if you prefer a minimalist cradle made of wool felt and leather, Little Nest by Oszkár Vági could be a good option. If you want to add a boho touch to our nursery, have a look at those moses baskets (they’re really light so you can take your baby everywhere).

Photography Roos van der Sanden

+ info: Pruun Via

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