It’s not the first time we tell a story about parents whose lives were completely transformed once babies come. This plot is even more interesting if one of those parents is a creative professional who devotes his/her life to make special things for the little one and creates a cute brand to share those products with the rest of the world. This is exactly the story of Minimono.

Andrea Sanglas was a successful architect who loved her job. However, when she became a mum all her universe was around her daughter so she decided to create something special for her, something to change her little world and turn it into a unique one. She wanted to find something to show all her creativity and after some time, she finally decided to create quality kids’ T-shirts plenty of colour and original designs to make them feel special.minimoni-kids-fashion-ss16-collection minimoni-kids-clothes

All her talent, experience and love for her daughter are present in every piece and this is the perfect way to introduce a bit of art and style in their little wardrobes. All her printed T-shirts have their own story, their own energy, their own style, just exactly as kids.


Quality and details are two of the main important concepts of this chic brand. They want to offer kids the pleasure of enjoying quality materials like the Peruvian Pima cotton, which is considered the best cotton in the world. Luxury and comfort are perfect terms to describe these amazing products although creativity is the most visible one.


We are always trying to get the best for our children; this is a good option to get the goal. Furthermore, they will be the most gorgeous in the playground with all those wonderful designs. Do you have a favourite one? We can’t choose!


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