Bedding is a very important element in every kids’ bedroom, especially in the first years of their lives when they spend a lot of time in contact with sheets and blankets. This is why quality is so important. Their soft skins must be covered with the best materials and the most comfortable fabrics to guarantee their security and welfare.The French brand Minimuhuu offers a cute choice of 100% organic linen bedding collections to take care of your little sleeping beauty!


As we have mentioned above, quality is a key concept, but we must also consider design if we want to keep the atmosphere we have carefully designed for them. Every detail is important and bedding can also be an opportunity to add a special touch or just to complete a fantastic look.



These simple and cosy designs¬†from Minimuhuu will be the perfect complement for both Scandinavian and romantic rooms in soft tones where simplicity and calm are the main concepts. They will also work great in bohemian kids rooms — relaxed and filled with a mix of colours and patterns.

Sweet and soft muted tones and graphic motifs such as stars and arrows (inspired by the American Indians’ culture) will make you fall in love with every single piece. These features make them suitable for nurseries, toddlers and kids’ bedrooms and their quality can guarantee a long lasting product so you won’t have to replace them in a couple of years!¬†Quality and design are always a good investment, don’t you think?

Feel the great experience of comfort and protection these cushions and sheets can provide…it’s like a warm welcome to your sweet dreams! Combine them, mix, create your own style with all their proposals and you will certainly get a timeless and elegant result!


We are sure you have just imagined these beautiful pieces covering your kids’ beds and you enjoy the idea of wrapping your children with all these cute designs…well, you don’t have to imagine it anymore. Minimuhuu has everything you need to offer them the coolest nap and the joie de vivre present in every single piece!


+info: Minimuhuu