Marshall & Haley Roemen launched their project in a try to get some economical support to perform it. They have just got several sponsors who support their creativity and good taste. They are trying to take design to children’s daily life and this is something we really like!

What Can You Find?

This American pair of designers has created Mister Alphabet. A lovely way to learn the letters for kids. This funny man can become every single letter of the alphabet with some simple steps. His body can be bent in every single way you can imagine. This figurine will be a great help for teachers and pupils from all over the world. Furthermore, it is so lovely that can be also used as that special decorative piece to create personal atmospheres, don´t you think?



Innovation, creativity and design are the perfect words to describe this amazing project. It is not a toy, it is not an art work but…It is both of them!


Mister Alphabet was presented in a Toy Fair in NY in February 2015. This 14.5 inch. High figurine will only be available if it gets the required funding goal of $85 000.