“Exclusive, innovative, simple, elegant, eco-friendly, educational, safe and with a careful selection of materials” this is how Mitoi describes its own toys. If you take a look to their site, you will soon realize it´s completely true. They choose the best artisans to produce their high quality products in Barcelona.

What Can You Find?

Mitoi toys are specially designed to make kids dream. They want to stimulate them, to make them think they can be everything they can imagine. All the designs help them to develop those creative skills inside them.

Today, many kids spend the whole day watching TV, avoiding thinking development. Mitoi tries to come back to the traditional games, when you have to imagine every single part of the story. However, they do it with a very cool and modern design which is really attractive for kids as it has been specially developed for them. Typical building games become an exciting novelty which will keep them entertained for hours!


Originality, creativity, colour, fun, dream, magic, elegancy and cool. All of them can be defined as this brand’s specialities. Their “savoir faire” is their best feature.


With miworld collection you can play with your kids while you show them the main monuments of the world, let´s travel with Mitoi!