Huzi Design and BCXSY are back with yet another innovative take on the concept of play (do you remember Dream car?). They have launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce its plush toys with body parts that can be interchanged using magnets.

huzi-design- and-bcxsy-project


Mixed Animals combine nostalgia and endless possibilities of play for all ages. Whether it’s an off-white elephant with wings, or a black teddy bear with horns, the design encourages you to mix and match various parts to create a species that no one has ever seen before!



Choose from the formless trunk, limbs, paws, wings, horns, ears, noses, shells, beaks and so on. Every piece is thoughtfully designed, handcrafted from super soft plush and safety tested.

Support the Mixed Animals project and become the proud owner of an animal no one has ever seen before! The Mixed Animals Kickstarter campaign runs until 1 June 2014.