After many rooms with soft tones and black and white scheme, we want a bit of colour! We love having the chance of coming into children’s rooms designs where they dare to use every kind of colours. Today, we come into one of them to simply fall in love with its colour combination (it’s a virtual model but it’s great!).

Decorative elements and furniture play a crucial role in decoration. We find a modern room where trendy ornamental details like teepees, clouds, drops or pictures with washi tape become really important but with a different look. Colour and decorative elements on the wall, geometrical print on the rug…everything is perfectly placed and what a beautiful combination of mustard, blue and orange! A teepee is a must to be used as a reading zone or just as a refuge.


One of the best things here is the idea of painting a zone with blue to differentiate the bedroom and the bed from the rest of the room, it’s like having two different rooms! The great carpet joins everything and creates a nice space to read and have a rest. What about that house-shaped blackboard? We want it!

This is a very big room and they have a place for everything so they also place some tables to study or read but it isn’t too much, just some details. What do you think about this inspiring kids’ room rendering?

Via Desire to inspire