We have sometimes told that we like classical entertainment ways for kids. It’s true that technology is a good fun resource, but there is a huge choice of amusing alternatives we have to keep in mind too. One of the most typical toys is the dolls’ house. However,we chose one with a more modern design. It has been adapted to present times, showing a more contemporary aesthetic and the same function.

Joanna Kruszec is the visible face of Boomini, a Polish brand which makes modern dolls’ houses. She is an interior design fanatic and-during one of her visits to the MOMA- she realized  she wanted to devote her career to dolls’ houses where aesthetics and little details were the focus of attention. All the elements of these houses are perfectly designed and thought for the most meticulous girls.


But the design is not the only feature of Boomini houses. Quality of finishes and materials is amazing, they are real artworks. Scale hammocks, coat stands or stools with the same quality as natural furniture.

Furthermore, they meet the safety requirements so you won’t have to worry about unexpected incidents. All are advantages for them, girls will be able to develop their creativity and experiment with this imagination which defines them. We can find two different models on the web; White, similar to Scandinavian architecture and Wood, something more classical.