What a find! This children’s room can’t actually be found in any house — it was created by vtwonen magazine for Amsterdam’s interior design fair and we have found it via Rafa-Kids. We think it’s such a cute, detailed-packed space that any parent would like it to magically materialise in the kid’s room. All in all, it’s a great source of inspiration if you want a children’s room that’s cool yet full of practical ideas.

A Unique and Dynamic Children’s Space


The rest and play zone is located on a platform with plenty of storage space. We can see a very special and original children’s room, with a bed made out of piled mats and a game of noughts and crosses on the floor, showing that the room is not only for rest but also for playing, having fun and learning.

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There are so many details that it seems almost impossible to capture it all the first time we look at the photos. There are skateboard-shaped shelves, stuffed animal heads on the walls, vintage children’s prints and a rest or reading area full of super comfortable and soft-looking pillows.We also adore the colour scheme, a mix of basic grey and mustard yellow/orange in order to liven up the space.

Storage Ideas for Children’s Rooms



This children’s room is also designed in a practical way, since kids need to have storage areas for their toys and all their other things. We can find some fantastic drawers in this platform which the kids can easily open in order to store their things. Additionally, there are matching wardrobes and shelves so you will certainly not run out of storage space in this children’s room!

Creative Study Zone


In this children’s room, there are two clearly different zones yet they’re both decorated in a similar industrial style. We want to focus on the children’s study zone, with black furniture and the same mustard yellow shade for some details, bringing the whole room together. It’s also a large space with interesting ideas, such as the storage panel on the wall so you can keep all the stationary tidy.

Have you enjoyed this children’s room as much as we have?

+info: Rafa-kids