Wood or plywood is a great and easy material to work with. You can design a child’s room only with natural materials and colours, you don’t need anything else. The bedroom will be serene, durable and cosy. You can refresh it simply changing the décor accessories: prints, textiles, or painting the walls.

The first room pictured above is simply charming. They remind nature and are full of peace so we think they are a great idea, not only because of this material’s warmth but because it’s eco-friendly and long-lasting.  This room includes a tree and a rope to practise sport, all wrapped by that great Nordic design.

Minimal Wooden Kids’ Room


Morewithlessdesign brings this surprising simple room where kids are having a great time. Just some wooden panels are enough to create a piece of furniture on the wall. It’s perfect storage solution, but also a great play area for them.


Simplicity is the real beauty. This light and minimal kid’s room has two functional beds with wheels and simple cabinets. There’s no doubt, you don’t need anything else as basics work perfectly. 

Wooden Playroom


What about decorating the kids’ playroom with big wooden furniture? Wooden is perfect to make great things and we must consider that light tones are really trendy nowadays. Do you want to add a new touch? Well, just colour it with your favourite tones!

Wooden Nordic Kids’ Room

Nordic style is a must. Wood plays an important role in this style so you can decide to turn it into the key element to decorate the room in a simple way and we really like it!

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