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We write a lot about kids room design but bedrooms for youngsters and teens usually are quite different. Teenagers spend a lot of time in their bedroom. It’s the place where they can go whenever they want to be alone or with their friends when they come over. They not only sleep there but also study, read magazines, listen to their favourite music without interruptions…

They have changed and don’t feel like a little girl / boy anymore. They want to get rid of all their toys, dolls and childish decorations, change the paint of the walls and they need lots of storage for their clothes, pictures and books. Ok, it’s time to change!

Involve your teen in the design process so you can come up with a cool design that you both can agree on. We think they can feel free to add their own touch to the interior decor.

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Today we bring you a beautiful modern teenage boy room for inspiring you. It’s Ugo’s bedroom and it’s full of good decor ideas. His mother, Laurence Simoncini, is the co-founder of the deco boutique Serendipity and created a functional,  playful and easy maintenance room, perfect for sleeping, playing and working.


The white walls and wooden floors are a good starting point. A big wool blanket and some rugs make the room more comfortable. The main colours are white and black, but you can find some touches of colour, especially in neon yellow.

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There are a few furniture pieces in this bedroom but all of them have been chosen with care. Resistant and practical materials like cardboard, wood or recycled plastic are perfect for a teen room.

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Instead of a wardrobe, Ugo has simple hooks and a wooden dresser. The drawers have labels, so he knows where everything is stored in just seconds. Practical, isn’t it?

Do you have teens at home? How are their rooms decorated?

Photos: Karel Balas Via: Milk Magazine

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