Simple, poetic designs. Good  materials. Wood and not much more.

MOEBE is a Danish design brand  founded by cabinetmaker Anders Thams and architect Martin D. Christensen. They strive to reduce their designs to their most simple forms. They love taking an everyday object and try to boil it down to an even simpler version of itself. The result is a set of beautiful, stylish products, perfect for any corner of your home, also for kids rooms.

Let’s have a look at my two favourites:




The Polygrif is a  customizable creation that transforms through the touch of your hands. The pieces are made of solid oak and beech. I like how Moebe rethinks simple wood designs and makes products that break with the classics.




The Frame  is a new interpretation of the classic clip-on picture frame. It put together by four pieces of oak and two pieces of plexiglass held together by a rubber band. It’s perfect for framing prints and collages, but also for flat products like flowers. You can achieve a transparent passe-partout effect if you choose a design that does not fill the entire frame.

Photos: Chris Tonnesen Styling: Ida Lærke

+info: Moebe 

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