Struggling to find a way to give more personality to your home and please your kids at the same time? Look no further, MON Collection is here to make a stylish impression on the whole family.

Picking up on the booming Scandinavian trend, these designers from Madrid have created a fabulous collection inspired in the animal world. Their unique twist on naive art adds a touch of warmth and a child-like sense of awe to small decorative items such as prints, place mats, cushions, pencil cases and tote bags. Let us tell you about all the details that made us fall in love with this adorable brand and its inspiring story! 

Sometimes the hardest part of the decoration process is to give your home a truly personal touch. In a world where we see more and more of the same chain produced furniture pieces everywhere we go, how do we make sure our house feels special? MON Collection offers a range of unique products which will help you achieve this since they were created by people who truly care about their craft. Not only is everything designed and produced in Madrid by a small caring team, but all the materials are also organic and locally sourced. The brand’s commitment to sustainability means that you can be sure your children’s new favourite items will be toxin-free and last longer!

Another winning idea is the personalised nature of the collection’s theme: a family of animals. Let your little ones choose between Chicken Luisa, Dog Mateo, Tigress Raquel, Crocodile Federico, Giraffe Margarita and Hippo Tirso (all of them created by the illustrator Teresa Bellón). They will feel immediately bonded with these adorable characters, who are also the perfect starting point for a million stories. Storing their pencils in MON Collection’s case or eating on their place mats can now become an exciting activity.

If all of this wasn’t charming enough already, wait until you visit the designers María Ercole and Sergio Cappanera’s shop Contigo alla fine del Mondo in Madrid, where you can find all of MON Collection’s newest items plus other trendy local brands for design lovers. You can also visit their website’s online shop in the meantime — just as pretty and well thought-through as the brand itself.

PS: Don’t forget to treat yourselves to a tote bag (can we ever get enough of those?), and bring it around next time you get a baguette! If we’ve learned anything from this brand, it’s the same message our kids teach us on a daily basis: happiness is always in the little things.

+ info: MON Collection