When we think about children’s room we usually imagine colourful spaces plenty of flashy prints in order to stimulate their imagination. However, Nordic styles have shown us that monochrome rooms can also be charming.

This room belongs to Xavier and Hugo, here they can play read and have a rest. While the room was being decorated textures, materials, print and shapes were considered…who says that black and white is a boring option?



Taking a look to this cool room we understand that is as lovely as colourful ones. Every wonderful detail adds originality to every space: the bear-shaped rug, the tent which provides them a place to dream and imagine new worlds or this Nordic bedding sets…

Shapes are combined with those nice cushions as cute as toys like the pirate skull or the pennant. Geometric prints, messages and lots of little details to create a funny atmosphere with a monochrome style.



Although we are talking about a black & white room, they have also added some colour touches. The hanger with flashy colours, the blue chair matching the lamp or some toys as wells as the sword that reminds video games are some of the details which add some colour without spoiling the bicolour harmony.

If you pay attention, you will find trendy items in every single picture. Drop-shaped wall stickers matching the hangers, cool soft toys for the kids and some details like that storage bag. This is a good example to learn how to get an amazing kids’ room without combining lots of colours. Black and white is a must!



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