Decorating a child’s room in a monochrome colour scheme is one of the most versatile schemes you can use.

A monochrome room is decorated using black, white and grey. It is a great choice for boys or girls. For nurseries up to teen rooms. The clean lines provide the perfect backdrop for a child’s colourful belongings and personality to shine..

The trick to prevent a monochrome scheme from feeling cold is to add lots of different textures and touches of wood. I also love to add little pops of colour.

Adding a variety of patterns and textures to the walls, floors and bedding creates interest and depth.

It is also worth remembering that a newborn baby only recognises black, white and grey. Too many strong colours can cause the baby to feel stressed and fractious. Babies also love different patterns. Black and white patterns will capture their interest, develop focus and help them start to understand the work around them. Making a monochrome nursery the perfect choice for both development and longevity

Little touches of colour can be added throughout the room. Yellows, pinks, greens and oranges really jump out against the black and white. However you could use any of your child’s favourite colours. These colour pops can be updated as your child grows and their tastes change with minimal expense!

Monochrome mood board.

The design of this monochrome nursery shows how touches of pink work beautifully with the black and white, to create a calm, timeless space.

Light,    Letter print,   Rabbit print,  Pink ‘rebel’wall hanging,  World map,                Plant cushions,   Zebra wallpaper,   Chest of drawers,    Elephant chair,   Black table,    house storage bag,    Blackboard trolley,   Cot,  Elephant mobile,
Spotty cot sheet,   Striped bedding,  Pink cushion,   Striped toy,   Zebra Cushion,    Tiger cushion,   Spot and stripe blanket.

Images with thanks 1. Studio Revolution.   2. Liberty Interiors.  3. Ooh Noo.   4. Nadjaleth    5. Jan10aa.  6. Liberty Interiors  7. Petit and Small