Black and white, and a bit of grey, beige or pale pink. Monochrome style is popular for both babies and children’s rooms and also very on trend in kids fashion. Minimalism, design and function work well with this palette of colours.

I know, not everyone likes this such style, but the black and white colour scheme makes everything looks contemporary and striking. If you want a softer look, you can add some touch of delicate colours, change the black to grey, or enhance the role of the white. In your kid’s room, a minimal colour palette can also be enriched by soft textiles or toys.

This week, I find lots of inspiration for your kids in this style. Let’s see some of them.

Black & White for kids


Cardboard Playhouse via La petite

Upollo by LeggybuddyUPOLLO CREW UP L by LEGGYBUDDY via Peeck & Pack


Soft baby blankets and throws from Fabulous Goose


KAJAKAJA posters via Peeck & Pack

 Pictured at top: Même kidswear via Petit à Petit and Family. Design, function and form come together so beautifully in this clothing line.