A complete cool brand plenty of original and creative products. From their two locations California (US) and England (UK), they provide the market with their own Moon Picnic’s products and lots of creative stuff. Design, colour and fun for kids are present in all their brands and in every single piece of their surprising range of products. All their toys and decorative elements share that childish spirit we really love! We need all and we need it now!

What Can You Find? 

Every kind of toy (wooden pieces, tents, dollhouses, musical toys…) is carefully designed and selected to guarantee an original product. But this is not all, they offer cute pieces to decorate kids’ spaces like wall art, storage elements, mobiles and garlands and you mustn’t miss their huge range of crafts to enjoy and learn together!

Their selection of kids’ books is really cool and it includes everything from colouring books to pop-ups!! We can’t choose only one because all of them are simply wonderful. What about those fish-shaped pencil cases? They are so funny and original…kids will be really happy with their exclusive friend, don’t you think?


Their own designs are carefully created to promote kids’ imagination while they help them to learn in a funny way. Love can be easily appreciated in every single piece so kids will be happy to own every product.


They also run the Rock & Pebble brand and the Mr. Printables site. You must check them if you want to visit a wonderful universe plenty of creativity!