This original brand was founded in 2010 by Jacques Naessens and Annick Loosveldt, two former manufacturers of the Belgian kids’ clothing industry. They decided to collaborate with Anouck Robin a creative and bright designer who had already show her talent in her previous project. In 2013, Jodoca Tersago joined the brand to complete it.

The simplicity of their garments is only a wrapping for luxury fabrics and sophistication where colors and details are carefully selected to turn them into art. Kids become little stars whose glamour is showed in a simple and casual way.

What Can you find?

Although we have mentioned sophistication, we can find comfortable and wearable pieces which can be perfectly suitable for their daily life and adding a chic touch. Colors, fabrics, patterns…everything is carefully designed for them so they will enjoy the experience of wearing those special and trendy clothes.
Quality is also an important concept to define this brand, there is no doubt that it’s a must when we are talking about items for kids. If you mix it with an exquisite design, you obtain a wonderful result!


This characteristic mix of design, quality and comfortable clothes is their key for success. Their elegant clothes that are always suitable for any event and they grant their safety which means a great experience for both kids and parents.


All their pieces are exclusively made in Belgium and Tunisia. Let’s travel with Morley for Kids!