Being with your baby is an incomparable feeling, this is the reason why Dianna, from Plum and Sparrow has decided to turn baby’s Moses baskets into their favourite accessory. They helped her to have her baby with her all the time. Transport was quick and easy. Using this object as an inspiring resource she started to create her own designs with these cool results. Can they be cutest? We don’t think so…

These Moses are not only special because of their special design inspired by ethnic style but also because they are handmade. Fair commerce is present in every single stage of their production process so it´s beneficial for every single involved part. Their natural fibres remind us those eco-friendly trends and the return to ecology like in the case of those wonderful wicker cribs.


One of the best reasons to buy one of those lovely Moses baskets is that they are really functional. They are light so you can take them everywhere. Furthermore, they are resistant and they can keep the baby’s weight during the transport.

If you pay attention to the basket, you can see all the work behind every single piece. They have been made by experts who know how to treat these fibres which mix cold and warm tones to be combined with the baby’s room decor.


To complete the set, Plum and Sparrow also offers cotton bedding sets for the mattress in the basket. That’s a simple piece to focus the attention on the flashy colours of the basket. Now, you just have to choose among all the models they offer on their web: yellow, green, pink or purple mixed in an ethnic pattern which will make you fall in love as soon as you see it.

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