When a friend of mine told me that her daughter needs a workspace where she can study, draw and do crafts (she also added, “in pink, it is absolutely necessary”), I immediately thought of this kid’s study desk. Steph Bond-Hutkin from Bondville designs this space for her daughter and I think it is sweet, easy-to-make and versatile.

The desk top, trestle legs and book shelves (spice racks) are from IKEA. They painted them in mint and hot pink, but you can use the colours you want. When you have the frame, you can enjoy selecting all the details. For me, the best part!

kids-study-desk kids-study-desk2

Steph has selected some notebooks and a to-do list  in a beautiful palette of colours. In fact, the most of the details are coordinates, even the honeycomb or the cage lamp. You can choose 2-3 main colours and play with them.


It’s a good idea to add some posters or illustrations. Here they pick out a framed print (Feathered Fawn by Laura Blythman) and a nice calendar  from Inaluxe.


However, this is not all: it is a movable space. Attaching the bookshelves to the pegboard, they can move all the components around as child’s needs change. This study is currently set up in a living area, but they can easily move it to the bedroom when her daughter wants more privacy.

What about you? Do you have a kids’ workspace? Is it in the living room or in the kids room?

For more details, go to Bondville post.