Mrs Mighetto’s illustrations have a special way of transporting us to a fantasy world. When I first discovered the two Swedish artists behind this name, Malin and Anna, I was immediately captivated by the warmth, elegance and sensibility that comes through in all their work.

Today, I want to introduce you to their most recent collection. Forgotten Tivoli features new characters and large doses of imagination where illustrations seem like windows to another world.

Forgotten Tivoli, enigmatic and adorable characters

Mrs Mighetto’s “The Forgotten Tivoli” collection came out a few months ago. The goal was to transport us to an old theme park, an abandoned one where some magical characters with special powers continued popping up. Characters such as Mr Bill or Miss Penny, who could stop time and keep us hidden from the rest of humanity.

Forgotten Tivoli was a huge success, just like every Mrs Mighetto collection. If we take into account that every illustration is a reproduction of original watercolours and they are limited editions, it’s not surprising they sell out so quickly. Which means that when you fall in love with one of the characters, you have to immediately jump in and get it. But this also means the illustrators and working around the clock to create new collections or new characters who would work well with the previous ones. This is Miss Emma’s, Miss Bella’s and Cotton Candy’s case, the new characters on sale from November 17th.

Miss Emma and Cotton Candy

Miss Emma’s huge eyes and her kitten nose make you fall for her straight away. Her creators say she specializes in cotton candy. She’s not trying to make any money though, all she wants is to share cotton candy with very special people. Just like all the other Forgotten Tivoli characters, Miss Emma has a special power: she can delete all the memories stopping you from making progress and living new adventures.

Miss Bella, the good listener

Miss Bella is the older sister. A character who can listen carefully and who rarely interrupts. She looks like her brother Bill (a character from the first edition of Forgotten Tivoli) and just like him, she has the ability to see the future.

Cotton Candy, a healthy sweet

Not all cotton candy is bad for you. This version of Cotton Candy consists of pink clouds that can make you forget about the bad times and start to dream again. A cotton candy machine, just like the ones at the circus, which will bring new smells and fragrances to any children’s room.

Limited editions

All three illustrations measure 50×70 cm. They are printed on matte paper weighing 170 gr., so they maintain the wonderful watercolour feeling of the original. However, keep in mind they are limited editions, so when they run out of these illustrations the characters won’t be coming back. Do you want to be one of the lucky ones and add these magical figures to your child’s bedroom?

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