Many of us live in cities, where the living space is getting smaller. But if you have children, you need to get kids’ toy storage solutions and make clean up easy. Think about lots of pieces of Lego, figures, stickers, etc. you can find around your house. Of course, you can use baskets, boxes or shelves for storing them, but today we show you another great option: a chair with storage.

The Danish Designer Morten Husum Nielsen has created the amazing OAK OAK children’s chair with a storage space for toys and books. This playful and multifunctional piece of furniture has two parts, an oak frame and a cork seat. When you remove the lid from the seat you get access to the storage compartment.”There is room for a lot of Lego in the chair!” says Morten.

The box consists of smaller parts which are assembled like a puzzle and held in place by the frame. So the chair is that it can easily be taken apart and put back together, which not only makes it easy to store and move but also acts like a part of the experience, where the child can participate in putting the chair together.

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The project approach is about rediscovering a traditional material (cork) using new forms of production. In fact, OAK OAK is a reinterpretation of the box Settle, an old furniture type known by its storage compartment under its seat. Morten discovered that the cork material was a perfect fit for a children’s chair: ”it is warm and easy to process in such a way that the soft edges prevent the kids from harming themselves.”


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