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We have always said that kids’ spaces must be plenty of that fantastic charm of their fairy tales to make them feel in their own world. Every image can mean an important part of their memories and turn their daily life into a magic experience with amazing stories to imagine.

This is exactly the Munk and me’s purpose. Their childish designs fill kids’ room with colour, imagination and much creativity to colour their spaces in an original way. Everything, from the funny characters to the carefully selected colours, is simply perfect to develop their creativity and imagination.


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Furthermore, they are so lovely that can be easily combined with every single decor style. You can add them to a Nordic room if you want to get that special touch of colour, or include them in a kids’ space plenty of pastel tones, the final result will be really funny!


All the posters are carefully designed and printed in the UK so you can be sure they are a high-quality product.

In addition, you can also customize the posters to include your kids’ names or your favourite colours, they will simply love it and you can add this personal cool touch to make them feel special. Their room will become their own kingdom!

Animals, tutti frutti, nursery…there are several sections to find the perfect picture for you although we almost sure you won’t be able to choose one, all of them are simply wonderful.


Visit their website and fill your home with original art for your little ones, they will it and you will be really satisfied with the chic look!

+Info: Munks + me