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The experience of being in a hospital can be very difficult for them with all those aseptic atmospheres and those strange smells. Some hospitals have created special cosy areas for kids to make it easier. There’s no doubt that The Children’s Hospital in London has created amazing spaces and so cool that we would like it wasn’t a hospital.

The purpose of the 15 artists who have updated these spaces was making kids forget their pain. Everything is designed to boost their imagination and wrap everything with fantasy.


Each artist’s inspirations are very different, from the circus to the nature or geometrical shapes. They have used several materials like wood, wall stickers and ceramic. That’s a very artistic mix to create a different space in every wing which is devoted to an artist. They provide their style and attitude so we can find something different to every place.


Orthopedic surgery wing has been created by Morag Myerscough who has used elements of a whole life to create a design with circus’ motifs, art deco and other influences’ elements. The result is colourful and funny, of course!


Haematology spaces have been designed by Donna Wilson. It has been created to make children and parents feel relaxed and happy when they come into the wing. Nerves are really common in hospitals so nature inspiration is a good idea.


Chris Haughton decided to create rooms with own personality in the Paediatric Advice wing. Each one has its own animal name and look, so children can stay in the Fish or the Lion Room.



Miller Goodman has worked with wood and wall stickers for the respiratory unit. He has chosen geometrical shapes to improve and boost their creativity. They will be entertained for a long time while they are looking for new shapes and colours. Katherine Morling has designed fantasy ideas for the lift’s area with her ceramic pieces.



The rooms decorated by Doran are an important point because when children must stay in a hospital they have to see the same space once and again. Curtains and images take them to other happier place. Tord Boontje wanted to add energy and fun to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit with several elements such as animals and plants. They will always find something new!

Finally, the common activity place where there is a lot of fun. This is a dynamic and colourful space to forget everything. Don’t you think is a great idea?



via BoredPanda